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Joining BYC

The Branford Yacht Club is limited to 375 regular members.  Applicants for membership must be at least 21 years of age and residents of New Haven County.  Applicants seeking membership must be sponsored by two sponsors who are members in good standing and willing to vouch for the character and conduct of the applicant.

A membership application can be obtained from the Secretary by one of the sponsors.  The applicant and both sponsors must complete the application. The application, along with proof of New Haven County residency, should be returned to the Secretary. A valid Connecticut driver’s license or something similar will be accepted as proof of residency.

The sponsors of the applicants who are selected will be notified and requested to present their applicant to the Flag Officers and the Board of Trustees. At that meeting, applicants must remit the initiation fee, first year annual dues, and other applicable fees. Following this meeting, the Board will vote their approval or rejection of each applicant.  The applications will then be presented at the next regular meeting and then posted on the Club bulletin board for a period of one month. A membership vote on the applications will be held at the next monthly meeting. A favorable vote by two-thirds of those members voting is sufficient for acceptance of the applications.

The Secretary will notify the applicants immediately of their acceptance or rejection. In the case of rejection, all fees will be returned.

During their first year, all new members shall be required to attend a minimum of three (3) regular meetings, work a minimum of eight hours, and attend, at least, the flag raising ceremony or the clambake. All members inducted in 2010 and beyond, shall work a minimum of eight hours per year, during the second and subsequent years. Members, not meeting these requirements, may be subject to dismissal.

Club members who accept the privilege of displaying a BYC flag aboard their vessel shall demonstrate exemplary behavior and respect for all Club and maritime rules.

Membership in the Branford Yacht Club entitles the member to use the club facilities as further explained in the Marina Rules, House Rules and any other rules that are approved by the membership. The member is entitled to bring guests to the club and to club functions. The member is responsible for making the guests aware of the club rules and for the conduct and actions of their guests.

Guests are not permitted on the property without the member being present except as follows:
A Member’s spouse may use the club facilities including having guests without the member being in attendance. They may not take a member’s boat out of a mooring. The Board of Trustees may grant similar privileges to the companion of a member. Requests for such designation must be made in writing to the Board of Trustees.

Member’s children may not use the club facilities without the member or the member’s spouse in attendance. They may not take a member’s boat out of a mooring.