Branford Yacht Club has two marinas and river stake moorings. There are a total of 257 moorings. The Main Marina has 214 floating slip moorings. Bob Criscuolo Landing has 20 floating slip moorings. There are 23 river stakes that are equipped with Pile Rings that float on the surface of the water around a mooring pile.

Winter Storage

Bob Criscuolo Landing is the site where approximately 135 boats are stored during the off season. Members are allowed to perform their own work or bring service personnel to the yard to service their boats that provide the club with a current certificate of insurance. There are EPA guidelines that must be followed to ensure that pollutants, such as antifouling paints, are contained and prevented from polluting surface water runoff from entering the Branford River.

Haul and Launch

The Club has the capabilities to haul and launch boats up to 60 feet. There is a Travel Lift well at Bob Criscuolo Landing. The Club currently has a 50-ton Travel Lift, that is certified annually. A new 50 metric-ton Travel Lift was put on order in 2021 is expected to arrive in time for the 2022 hauling season. In addition to the Travel Lifts, there is a Brownell hydraulic yard trailer capable of moving a 20-ton vessel. Boats are pressure washed over a containment pit. Contaminated wash water is hauled away and disposed of properly by licensed vendors. We insist on capturing any pollutants that may enter into the river. We insist that all boat owners and service providers abide by these policies.


The marinas are monitored by surveillance cameras that stream video to network video recorders. The two fenced in facilities have access controlled gates that can be opened by a member's card or from a smartphone app that is available for a nominal fee.