We, the undersigned, hereby associate ourselves as a corporation without capital stock, under the laws of the State of Connecticut regulating the formation of such corporation, and for that purpose we sign, acknowledge and file for record this certificate.

      Article 1.  The name of this corporation shall be The Branford Yacht Club Corporation.

      Article 2.  The purpose or object for which this corporation is formed is for the purpose of encouraging the art of navigation, the advancement of aquatic sports, and the formation of a better organization among yachtsmen and others frequenting Branford Harbor and vicinity, and furnishing a convenient stopping place for yachts and their passengers, and to furnish refreshments of all kinds to its members.

      Article 3.  The principal office or place of business of this corporation shall be located in the Town of Branford.

      Article 4.  The members of this corporation shall be the subscribers hereto, and such other persons as may from time to time be elected or constituted members under the by-laws adopted by this corporation.

      Article 5.  The statute laws of the State of Connecticut relating to corporations without capital stock are hereby particularly referred to, and this corporation hereby organized and established under and pursuant to said statute laws, shall have all the powers and proceed according to the regulations described and specified therein.

      Dated at New Haven, Conn., this 24th day of June 1909,

            Herbert Smith           260 Main St., East Haven, Conn.

            Norman Gillette         Short Beach, Conn.

            Homer H, Shepard  New Haven, Conn.

State of Connecticut    )

                        )     as   New Haven, June 24, 1909,

County of New Haven     )

      Then and there personally appeared Herbert Smith, Norman Gillette and Homer H. Shepard, the signers of the foregoing certificate and acknowledged that they signed and executed the same for the purposes therein mentioned and as their free act, and deed.

Before me,

                  Clarence P. Wilson,

                              Notary Public,    (seal)                 

Approved June 25, 1909

Fee, $10,  Paid June 25, 1909

Copy of document on file with the Secretary of State